In any world-class organization, much is demanded of the managers, engineers and other staff members in terms of technical support and services. These responsibilities include measurements and business calculations related to business and production performance, the development of facilities and systems, planning, forecasting, and work scheduling.

The business success lies in the company’s ability to accurately define unit costs, to monitor value-added throughout the manufacturing processes and management services, to optimize the business resources and systematically and continuously eliminate waste between motions, processes and management systems, and finally to achieve targeted profitability. Unfortunately many organizations today have hardly been able to achieve those goals and mostly are still looking for ways to survive and grow their business.

First and foremost, everybody in the organization must work towards meeting both internal and external customer demand, continuously reducing time, and enhancing corporate profitability in a visually organized and waste-free environment. It is only through continuous learning and improvement programs those organizations can thrive today in the industry.

Today, there is a serious shortage of trained professionals for specific industry. Although the number of educational institutions teaching industry-related classes has risen, many courses are offering outdated material which has not helped the industry to progress. This gap between what schools are teaching and what the industry requires has given rise to many consultancies. Unfortunately, many consultants operating in various countries do not completely understand the principles and practices of continuous improvement culture and instead offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

This is where the Lean Center comes in – to help you attain a truly waste-free manufacturing and management systems which rigorously controls every step of your activities. TLC specifically addresses the gaps and barriers that are holding back the industry. We focus on teaching managers, engineers and staffs members, how to do more with less using simple language, innovative solutions and a proven hands-on technique, we will show your managers, engineers and other staff members how to successfully make the leap to Lean.

Our programs cover the entire value stream process of an organization.

Our specially designed learning environment includes realistic simulation exercises, real-life case studies and time for reflection in order to permanently absorb what’s been learned. We engage trainees in a creative manner with an intensive and practical program which, once applied in the organization, will lead to significant improvement and performance gains.

All workshops and seminars are taught by both international and local experts who possess a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge. The programs use a “learning through simulation” approach whereby time is spent in both the classroom and in practical sessions.


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